First day of Moharram is confirmed to be October 3.  So we have finalized our schedule. Please find details of programs in the attachment and summary follows:


The daily Moharram Program of the Unity Center started on Saturday October 1st and will continue until Thursday October 13.
1- Every night program will start with congregation prayer at Maghrib (7:15 PM ) and continues with Quran Recitation, Du’a, Speech, and Marseyeh.
2- The Ashura Program ( Wednesday October 12) will be all day (11:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M.)
3- Friday and Saturday Programs finishes at 9:30 PM with Dinner and other nights will finish at 9:10 PM with Tabarraok.
4- Today Program (Sunday October 2nd), program finishes with dinner at 9:10 PM.


About the Speaker,

Maulana Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi, was born and raised in New Jersey.  He completed his BA at Rutgers College in 2007. While in college, he focused his studies on politics and religion in the Middle East and the Islamic World.  He studied subjects such as Islamic Jurisprudence, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Democracy & Reform in Post-Revolutionary Iran, American Foreign Policy, Defense Policy, Terrorism in International Relations, Israeli Politics, and Islam, Democracy, & Violence in the Islamic World.

Saiyid Hasan began his Islamic studies in 2010 at the Imam Ali (as) Seminary in Sanford, FL  and graduated in 2012.

This school was founded by Hujjatul Islam Mawlaana Mirza Muhammad Baig. This religious seminary/hawza is a 2 year program designed for those in America who want to go study overseas at the hawza/religious seminary.

Saiyid Hasan has been continuing his Islamic education in the holy city of Qum for past 3 years.  He will begin the master’s program soon inshAllah.  He mainly spends his time studying the intellectual sciences which include Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy, and Irfan.

He has lectured at high schools, colleges, & Islamic Centers across the country.  His main focus is dealing with the problems & issues of the Western-born & raised youth.


Blood Drive in Memory of Imam Hussein:  Saturday October 8, There will be a Red Cross Blood mobile in the Masjid for your blood donation (6:00 P.M.  to 10:00 P.M.)


Every day is Ashura, Every land is Karbala